Discerning the Truth


Figuring out what the truth about a given subject is has become increasingly difficult and exhausting – mentally and physically. There is a reason why. 

The reason is WAR. Not war in the conventional sense but a war to change your values and morals. I feel that Narrative Reframes group has a very plain and simple explanation.

Understand that Narrative Warfare and PsyOps can be legally conducted in America since the 2012 NDAA. These cognitive tactics are sophisticated and government orchestrated, and meant to placate you to the narrative which causes detriment to proper decision-making faculties in alignment with your personal values. It is an insidious minimization of the individual tactic which causes the person to normalize a narrative they would otherwise be against, in order to prevent ostracism or dehumanization. To understand how this was discretely accomplished through ambiguous legislation, which has been grossly exploited, please watch this short video.

To fully understand Narrative Warfare and how it is currently affecting the mental and physical welfare of Americans I would implore you to to read this article entitled “Narrative Warfare” from RealClearDefense here


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