The Power of Choosing the Right Words


A while ago I was reminded of a very important saying, I was reminded of it when I saw an ad that really caught my eye and held my attention. As I read on and then clicked the ‘read more’ link I was transported into a world I had forgotten about. I remembered what I learned so many years ago. A lesson that has served me well. Something that I had forgotten about but use it unconsciously all the time.

Perhaps you have heard this saying before.

Facts Tell, Stories Sell. When your marketing is just blasting out the FACTS about your product, You lose most of your potential customers. However when you craft your ad into a story that relays your emotions and leads into a discovery you allow your audience to come to their own conclusion about why your product or service may be a good fit for them. When you simply regurgitate FACTS all over the place and use product or service specific jargon, most people will simply zone out. and go elsewhere. Facts do not let someone come to their own conclusion. Stories do.

People want to know what your product will do for them. How will it help them solve their problem. What pain will it get rid of.

In order to master your marketing you need to master story telling. You can start to master your story telling skills and increase the effectiveness of your ads and marketing efforts by getting your free copy of The Power Of Social Media Stories now. It is Jam packed with the knowledge you need to know and use to create compelling ads and campaigns that will turn your sales pages into buying decision pages that will make people want your products.

Go ahead and pick up your copy here  When you follow this guide your marketing will change forever. You will never be salesy again. People will want to buy.


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