I was STUCK!!!


Yep. No doubt about it. It seemed that every time I would write an ad it would just flop. Something was missing but I didn’t know what it was. My ads looked great to me, but I would only get a very few clicks. Those who did CLICK only stayed for a couple seconds and they were gone. No sign ups, No sales.

I was pissed! I was angry because I knew I could do this.

I was worried that I would fail AGAIN!

I was embarrassed.

If I couldn’t make it work this time, I would have to throw in the towel. I would just have to admit defeat. I would have to admit I failed!

I had seen so many other people that I knew were not geniuses get this marketing thing right. I watched as they would go across the stage getting awards for doing so well while I was stuck in the audience applauding their success.

But where was mine? Those people were not any smarter than me. I mean I have a dergee in computers. Most of them barely finished high school, some did not even have that.

I was doing everything right I thought. You know, try, try again. But you can only run your head into a wall so many times before you gotta think about if what you are doing is smart. I realized what I was doing was not!

In fact I felt stupid. Yep, a Special Kind of Stupid!

I mean it wasn’t a specific type of person that I would see creating success. It did not matter if they were tall or short, Black or White, Fat or Skinny, Young or Old. No physical traits that set them apart and no specific education level. They came from third world countries with no advantages and little education and they came from world leading economic countries with advanced college degrees.

The only thing I knew was they were doing something right that I just couldn’t figure out.

Then one day I was a bit down but I hadn’t given up. I was scrolling through some pages online when an ad caught my eye. At first it just looked like a different article in the middle of the one I was reading. I though I must have clicked on something and the page changed when I blinked or something. It was late and I was tired.

By the time I realized it was just an ad it was too late. I was enthralled with the story I was reading. I really wasn’t paying attention to the pictures that much but the story had me riveted.

I guess it must have been the right words at the right time. And am I ever glad that I didn’t really check out the pictures. If I had I probably would have just clicked away.

This as was buy a guy who I had known about for a long time. I remember seeing him years earlier when he first started out. This guy looked like he was 12. What could he possibly know that I didn’t know. Well at least that was how I felt before. There he was, good ol’ Russell staring back at me.

But this time was different. Don’t get me wrong he still looked like he was 12 but I got to thinking. I have seen him online for more than 10 years and he is still running the same company. I had resisted before because I thought the name was silly, but now I was rethinking my bias.

I thought about it for a long time. Staring at his picture on the page but not really seeing it. I don’t know how long I was staring at that page, not reading, not clicking, not scrolling. Just Staring.

I snapped out of it when Mario, one of our cats rubbed against my leg. When I refocused I was staring at the thing I knew held the answer. It was either that or I would just have to give up trying to make any serious money online.

That was it. I clicked on the link, filled out the form and signed up. For a few minutes I was nervous. but then I got the confirmation page and I was in. I started checking things out and got real happy because I knew that what was on the screen in front of me was the solution that would bring the years of online struggle to an end.

Well it was not easy by any stretch of the imagination. I mean it was not a seriously high learning curve. In fact the technology part was pretty easy to learn. Just kind of point and click, frag and drop. The platform is amazingly intuitive and easy to navigate. The hard part was the self discipline it took to just go through the daily assignments and just DO THEM.

I guess the thing that really made me continue reading was one of the first sentences. It said “Everything you want is going to be fueled by the business you build.”  As i continued reading he kept hitting me in the face with the true, blunt facts.

If you want to learn how to turn your marketing around from dismal to success you never could have imagined then I would suggest that you take the challenge. I am not going to try to explain it any further here. Just click the button below and check it our yourself. Even if you decide to not take the challenge at least study the page. Study how it is put together and the language it uses. If you really study it you will have done one of the assignments in the challenge.

Anyway, Click the button below and check it out. It’s not for everyone. It may be too tough for some, but those who do complete it, change their lives. Do you have what it takes?

Take the OFA Challenge