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Discerning the Truth

Figuring out what the truth about a given subject is has become increasingly difficult and exhausting – mentally and physically. There is a reason why.  The reason is WAR. Not war in the conventional sense but a war to change your values and morals. I feel that Narrative Reframes group has a very plain and…
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The Power of Choosing the Right Words

A while ago I was reminded of a very important saying, I was reminded of it when I saw an ad that really caught my eye and held my attention. As I read on and then clicked the ‘read more’ link I was transported into a world I had forgotten about. I remembered what I…
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Creating a Personal Brand With Social Media Stories

Creating a Personal Brand With Social Media Stories For the most part, internet marketing involves creating a brand and then selling products through that brand. But while this might sound dull, keep in mind that the brand does not have to be a bland corporate one. You don’t need to have a fancy logo or…
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